17 Nov 2015

Cute Handmade Giraffe Bookmark - FREE* Shipping till Christmas !

I was on a short break and am back with this new design - Cute Giraffe bookmark. The cute animal-themed corner bookmarks that I had started with received such demand that I thought of creating new designs in the same range. 

My inspiration for making this Giraffe design comes from the famous giraffe of Paris, Zarafa. Zarafa was the first Giraffe to set foot on the French soil and was sent from what is now Southern Sudan, as a gift by the then Ottoman viceroy of Egypt, Muhammad Ali to King Charles X of France. 

Zarafa became the darling of Paris and was referred to as the “le bel animal du roi” meaning“the beautiful animal of the King".Poets wrote poems and songs about her, musicians composed music inspired by her, artists made sketches and portraits of her and she became thus the subject of high fashion for a brief period of time.

Zarafa's story became the subject of Nancy Milton's book for children The Giraffe that Walked to Paris and this book is on my wishlist. I hope I get to read this book someday and if I do, I'll surely post a review on my blog

So coming back to the Giraffe bookmarks, these are priced at INR 60 and can be ordered from my store on Ezebee by clicking on the link below or the SHOP tab on this blog.

Buy the Cute Giraffe Bookmark !

If you live in Hyderabad, Kozhikode or Thrissur, consider yourself lucky, for I'm offering free shipping to these locations because it's Christmas! So hurry, place your order before stocks run out.

*FREE shipping to Hyderabad, Kozhikode and Thrissur till Christmas or till stocks last. 



29 Oct 2015

Launch Giveaway Winner - Manpreet Kaur !

The Launch Giveaway ended a day ago and it's time to announce the winner! 
So, the winner is..

Meet the Winner - Manpreet !

Manpreet blogs about books, lifestyle, fashion and beauty on her awesome blog finixpost.com and is also a booktuber and fashion/beauty vlogger at her youtube channel Life of Manpreet

Congratulations Manpreet ! 

Thanks a lot for participating in my giveaway and I hope you like the prize which will be reaching you soon. 

Also lots of thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and took part in the fun launch of my online store. Even if you didn't win the giveaway, you can still buy the same bookmarks from my store. And I'll be holding more giveaways in the future anyway. 

So if you don't want to miss any news on special offers, discounts or giveaways, subscribe to this blog via email or follow Priya's Curiosity Shop on Facebook

Diwali Special !

Find my latest range of Diwali special festive themed bookmarks here.

Thanks ! 

27 Oct 2015

Festive Heart Bookmarks - Diwali Special

This Diwali, gift your friends and siblings some special bookish goods from my online store. I'm planning to come up with a range of Festive Themed Bookmarks which I'll be offering at a discounted price till Diwali. 

This set of Festive Heart Bookmarks is the first in the festive range and is available for INR 60 INR 40 till Diwali. Stock available in red but I'm taking orders for blue and cyan colours as well.

  • Beautiful heart-shaped flip design
  • Intricate Indian Mehendi design
  • Patterns in Gold / Silver glitter on Red / Blue / Cyan hearts
  • Back panel left blank for custom message / quote

Hope you like this new design I've come up with. Do let me know what you think about it. Suggestions and ideas are also welcome. :)

And don't forget to place your orders before the discount sale gets over.

Buy Now

Stay tuned for more Festive Themed Bookmarks. Subscribe to this blog for updates and follow me via social media for updates and sneak peeks into new products and offers.

Thank you.

21 Oct 2015

Watercolour Rose Scent-Bottle Bookmarks : Just 4 pieces !

Even as the launch giveaway is still going on until 26th this month, I have a new set of bookmarks ready and I have already received an order for one of the four pieces available. If you like the bookmark in the picture, hurry up and grab one of the remaining three or all of them. :)

  • Beautiful handpainted watercolour bookmark shaped like a Rose Scent Bottle. 
  • Conventional style bookmark on chart paper. 
  • Front laminated and back left blank for custom message. 

  • Stands out beautifully from between the pages of a book and shows just the tag out when the book is shut. 

If you like this bookmark, place an order by clicking on this LINK.
And if you want a similar but custom bookmark, you can place an order via email.

15 Oct 2015

Shop Launch GIVEAWAY ( for Indian Readers Only)

So the Launch Giveaway is finally here !

Enter to win a set of three cute animal-themed corner bookmarks I made.
The set consists of a Tiger bookmark, a Panda bookmark and a Bear bookmark, all of which you can see below.

* Unfortunately, this giveaway is limited to Indian readers only as I cannot afford shipping the prizes abroad for free, at this point of time.

Aren't these cute? 
These are priced at INR 40 each exclusive of delivery charges and you'll get them for free if you win.
 So hurry up, try your luck ! :)

The giveaway runs for 10 days from 16th Oct to 26th Oct, and the results will be announced on or before 30th Oct.

Thanks for entering the giveaway. If you're outside India and cannot enter the giveaway, you can still buy the same bookmarks from my shop. And even get them customised. :)

Also please do tell all your friends about this giveaway and my shop.

Thanks all !

11 Oct 2015

On the Joy of Setting Up My Shop + GIVEAWAY

Priya's Curiosity Shop by Priya Prithviraj

So I’m into crafting too and like to make artsy little things.  And I decided to set up a little shop and sell some of the bookish goods that I make in my leisure time.
The shop is not open yet but will soon be launched with an inaugural GIVEAWAY. Sign up to stay updated. You can also follow me on instagram to have a peek on my bookish goods collection. :)
Visit my shop and pick out something pretty for yourself or your bookish buddies ! ❤
Or just wish me luck and show your support by spreading the word ! 

Visit My Shop 


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